Issue / Brief:

Photosynthesis. A mechanism where nature utilizes solar energy to convert carbon dioxide exhaled by people into oxygen.
The world renowned artist, Shinichi Osawa, has released his new song "Photosynthesis #1", inspired by this act of nature.
How should we launch this song?


"Singing Nature"
Nature takes on a voice to sing.

Instead of noisy advertisements that clutter the town, the concept of "photosynthesis" was realized through a promotion utilizing Nature itself as the Advertising Media.


The technology that turns plants into speakers. Devices placed at the stems transmit vibrations that create the sound, to the leaves and flowers.
Selected monocots, from the infinite selection of plants, that resound sounds well and are ideal for becoming speakers.
At the launch event, participants listened to the voices and took in the music of Shinichi Osawa, designed around nature, with their whole body.


A new musical experience, with the theme of nature, has taken form from this event.
Gained countless SNS posts:
"A wondrous place where music sounds from plants"
"Beyond words. The healing feeling being engulfed by nature."
"I can hear sounds coming from the leaves!"